The Process

Commissions from your own pet, taken by yourself!

Once we received your Pet’s Photographs I will then contact you to discuss your pet portrait. I require a 50% deposit and from there usually takes about 3 – 4 weeks to complete your painting I can spend between 12 to 80 hrs on a painting. My main priority is to get the fine details and likeness as close as possible.

Once your painting it’s complete I will e-mail you a password to the client’s area so you can see a low-resolution photo of the final image.

It’s not until you are satisfied with the painting that I will then Invoice you for the full balance. And once the payment it’s clear I will then post your Painting and Certificate of Authenticity.

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While I do my best to achieve every deadline it is always best to place your order with plenty of time, especially during festive times.


My prices start from £140.00 PGB +PP for a small 210×297 mm approx A4 size painting of a single pet image.




Photo Tips

If you have photos or are you about to take photos of your pet, please ensure they are clear and close up photos (Please be aware that the Detail & Quality of the painting will very much depend on the clarity of the original Photograph supplied by You).

Capture your subject in good daylight, avoiding direct sunlight as this can at time cause shadows and doesn’t always show true colour.


Avoid the use of flash photography this can produce green eye and sometimes distort an image.  Best to use natural light (outside).  Ensure that the colours are a true reflection of your pet colour (as that’s the colours I will go by)

for all the right reasons I ask for several photos in different poses and also that I can get a true feel for the character and life of the animal.


Make sure that any marks or scars etc are shown clearly if you want them included. i.e.: if your pet has a collar and you will prefer not to be shown in the portrait.  Getting the pet to pose can be difficult at times and it is best if you keep it relaxed as possible. Get someone to help you to distract it while you take photo

finds a pose slightly to the side it works well, don’t worry about the background that will be omitted unless requested. All photographs received by post will be returned.

Wich Format is best?

PDF or JPG (High Resolution)

We need your photos to be clear and show detail, remember that I have to be able to see every strand of fur, feathers, colours etc. overexpose images or underexpose are not good. they have to be Good.



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